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Lovecraft Locker Apk v3.1.1 Download For Android [2024]

Are you looking for the latest version of Lovecraft Locker APK? If yes, then there is no need to be worried anymore. Here, we will provide full details about the Lovecraft Locker game. The features of this game, how to complete different types of missions, how to win all the targets, and its tips and tricks are fully explained. It is a simple and easy game, everyone can play it and enjoy its fun. If you are a fan of Tentacle Lock  Games, then this game is fully suitable for you. It would be best if you tried it to have good fun.

What is Lovecraft Locker Apk?

lovecraft locker apk

Tentacle Lust provides us with adult games that are based on Tentackle Lock video-playing games also known as hotpink games Lovecraft Locker is developed with fully simple and amazing graphics. Its playing sounds, music, and background are just perfectly similar to Lightroom mod apk. Its wonderful playing graphics keep you engaging while completing different types of goals. So, get the Lovecraft Locker APK and explore its amazing fun.

Lovecraft Locker is a tentacle Lock game that is very famous due to its superb graphics. Lovecraft Locker APK is an adventure game with anime-style mystery. Its plots are related to a school life full of students. Their thrill and adventure increase as the game goes towards its targets. That is why, its plots and graphics are enjoyable and full of fun as well. It increases your excitement as long as the game increases ahead.

The developing team has organized this game in such a beautiful and simple way so that everyone can complete its targets and goals. Keep in mind that Lovecraft is an 18+ game which is not suitable for users younger than the mentioned age. Its plots and playing fields have something full of thrill and adventure as well as mystery. On the other end, it is also full of joy and fun. By seeing its plots, you must give a try it.

Lovecraft Locker Apk Download Info

lovecraft locker
App NameLovecraft Locker
GenrePuzzle [Games]
Latest Version3.1.1
File Size125 Mb
Rating5 Stars
Play Store Link: Google Play Store

About Lovecraft Locker Apk

It is a game that is full of 2D graphics and has some extra excellent plots. It is suitable to run on your smartphones as well. It gives you goosebumps like you are playing a real game. With extra features like high-quality music, superb plots, and engaging gameplay make something special while playing it. There is Lust at the site of this game. There, you hit some skill points that are zero at the start. With levels of games, you get more skill points as well.

By using these skill points, you kidnap a high school college girl. She can even report you within the school. In this way, it enables you to get some fun with girls. There are no specific restrictions on this game under its instructions. So, you can easily run and enjoy it.

Premium Features of Lovecraft Locker

  • Well-organized advanced 2D graphics
  • Straightforward and Simple interface
  • Both For iOS and Android
  • Required no registration
  • Plots full of excitement
  • High-quality graphics
  • No advertisements
  • High-quality music
  • Free of lagging
  • No Price

Some Extra Features of Lovecraft Locker APK

lovecraft locker


Lovecraft Locker has an easy and smooth gameplay mechanism. At the start, you need to fill a locker. All these lockers are empty as well. You get some skill points by winning some next levels. It gives more excitement to you as much as new levels you get win. After winning a level, it depends upon you whether where to go. Straightforward levels are completed at the start then you get some puzzled ahead of it.

Lovecraft locker apk is an excellent Tectacle game that enables the users to increase their user experience as well. Its style of gameplay is so easy, that even a newbie can play it. Its engaging mechanism gets your interest and you can play it for up to several hours. The thrill and horror make more interesting facts which urges the users to consume more time. You can use more lockers to have more ease and unlock the next levels as well.


Lovecraft Locker APK is very easy to play. Its simple and smooth interface keeps the users engaged. No doubt, the user interface matters a lot. That’s why, the playing field of this game is also so developed skillfully. You can play this game without any difficulties. There is no hesitation while playing it. There is no difficult level to complete anymore. On the other point, there is some thrill to be considered.

lovecraft locker

Stimulating Plots

Lovecraft has the most suitable and stimulating plots. The whole plot is very interesting. You will feel so uncomfortable while playing this game. Plots are related to some school students. You are a very low-ranked student in a class. You get more rankings in your class by winning these levels as well. This trick is so handy to use which helps you to get more touch with your study and improve your rankings as well.

lovecraft locker

Charges Free

It is fully free and no charges are applied. All games next levels are free of any charge. For the next levels, you would not have to pay for any charges. All characters in Lovecraft Locker are fully free and no charges are applied. So, you can play this game without any worry or hurdles.
Some games charge in the form of coin purchases, or level unlocking charges. So, Lovecraft is charged free to be used.

lovecraft locker

No Ads

Lovecraft Locker Apk provides no advertisement while playing the game or after the game ends. This is one of the greatest steps by the development team. Users can play it without any hurdles. No doubt, it creates something bad experience for users while playing the game and suddenly it shows some ads. So, being clean of ads from Lovecraft Locker is mostly used Tentacle Lock game.

lovecraft locker

No Lagging

Mostly, games or applications create lots of lagging while they are running the system. It causes a huge confusion for users. In this game, there is no lagging in the whole level. All levels and steps are free of any lagging or error. So, it creates a good experience for users and they can play it smoothly. If there is some lagging while playing this game, then you should meet the minimum requirements device to play this smoothly.

lovecraft locker

Game Control

Lovecraft Game Controls are so easy and just perfect. Game control is something that puts the whole playing tips and fields of any game. If there is a presence of professionalism in any game then its game controls must be simple and comfortable.
Lovecraft meets all these superb game controls which gives more effectiveness to it. If you are looking for a new way of experiencing games then Lovecraft is a perfect option for you. Its stunning game features, flexible storylines, and amazing graphics keep you engaged as well.

lovecraft locker

Adventure and Horror

Adventure and Horror can be found in up levels of Lovecraft locker APK. This humor happens in all Tentacle Apks games. This thing in Lovecraft can be easily found as well. It is the adventure and horror that make something special for the users as well. It also enables the users to grab new opportunities to make something special in their selected character. They have the whole control of either you make your character more thrilled or keep it simple.


The graphics of Lovecraft Locker are also impressive and outstanding. One feels no bored while playing this awesome game. Its graphics contains such type of layout that everyone can play it easily and smoothly. These are its graphics which mark this game as most impressive from other tentacle games. The impressive graphics add more thrill and mystery that will chill down your spine. Locker purchase adds more effectiveness to you get more ranking in this game.

Installation Method of Lovecraft Locker

  • To Install Lovecraft Locker Apk Click on the given Download Button below!
lovecraft locker apk
  • After Click on the Download Button Install the Lovecraft Locker.
lovecraft locker
  • After Installing The Lovecraft Locker Apk Go to the setting shown below!
lovercraft locker apk
  • In Settings Give Permission to Chrome as shown Below is compulsory!

How to install From Google Playstore?

You can also get Lovecraft Locker from the Google Play store by following these steps.

  • Step 1: First of all you should have opened the Google Play store.
  • Step 2: Then, you should click on the search bar in the above section.
  • Step 3: Search “Lovecraft Locker Game”
  • Step 4: Then, you should click on your desired one.
  • Step 5: There is an install button, click on it to get it.
  • Step 6: Wait for some moments till the installation is successful.
  • Step 7: Open the application and enjoy this wonderful game.

Lovecraft Locker Download Method For PC!

You can also get Lovecraft Locker for Your PC/Windows by following a few steps as well.

  • Step 1: For this purpose, you should open Bluestacks.
  • Step 2: There is a search bar, click on it.
  • Step 3: Make a query of “Lovecraft Locker”
  • Step 4: You should select the first result.
  • Step 5: You can play this game online by staying on Blusestacks.

Lovecraft Locker Download Method For iOS!

You can also get Lovecraft Locker for Your iOS devices by following a few steps as well.

  • Step 1: For this purpose, you should open the App Store.
  • Step 2: There is a search bar, click on it.
  • Step 3: Make a query “Lovecraft Locker”
  • Step 4: You should select the first result from the list.


Lovecraft Locker is such type of game that is full of entertainment as well as thrill. The game is full of fun. The excitement goes on to increase with the increase in the next levels of the game. The wonderful graphics, plots, and gameplay layouts add more beauty to its design. Adventure and horror are primary factors that add more enjoyment.

The smooth and easy playing mode of Lovecraft Locker provides a great experience for the users. Unlocking new wonderful levels gives more engagement to the users. As levels go up, it creates more excitement as well. By using Lovecraft Locker Apk, you can easily get all the premium unlocked features of this game. Keep in mind this game is not suitable for people under 18. It is suitable for 18+ people.

Now, you can easily get Lovecraft Locker Apk 1,2,3 all the latest versions from this site https://lovecraftapk.com/

Frequently Asked Questions?

You can play it without paying any charges. You can get this latest version from this site, lovecraftapks.com

Yeah, this game has so much simple and superb interface as well, You can play it smoothly and easily.

You can easily get Tentacle Lovecraft Locker from this site securely and safely. You can also get this amazing game from the Play Store as well.

Unfortunately, this game has no 3D graphics, however, it has 2D graphics as well.

Of course, you can easily run this game on your PC, it does not need any type of specifications,